Policy Privacy

Disclosure In Accordance With Eu Regulation N. 2016/679 And Privacy Code (D.Lgs. 196/2003 As Modified By D.Lgs. 101/2018)

With the present document, the company, in accordance with Article 13 of Italian Legislative Decree 196/2003 “Italian Personal Data Protection Code” and with reference to the processing (namely, the collection, registration, organization, processing and filing etc) of the personal data provided by you or requested of you in connection with the relationship in effect or that will represent the result of the negotiations in progress, we inform you that:

  1. The objectives for which the data concerning (you or) your company and any other information, such as direct debit and bank account information, are processed, consist in:
    • customer / supplier bookkeeping;
      • fulfilling the assignments and obligations set forth by statutory, tax, and financial reporting laws and European Community provisions and regulations, etc...;
      • administrative management of the relationship;
      • management of contractual obligations;
      • management of legal disputes;
      • protocol and internal code management;
    • management and credit and/or commercial transactions;
    • management of statistical analyses, market research, marketing, commercial and promotional information activities.
  2. The processing will take place using computerized and/or printed means, by individuals especially engaged to perform the following operations: collection, registration, organization, filing, consulting, processing, modification, selection, extraction, comparison, use, interconnection, block, communication, cancellation and destruction of the data.
  3. In framework of the communication, the data can be communicated to third parties including:
    • credit institutions for managing accounts receivables and payables;
    • companies that perform sending, handling, transport and sorting of the communication to the person involved;
    • companies that perform customer assistance services (call center, telephone operator), filing and data entry;
    • accounting and legal offices to fulfill legal provisions;
    • IT companies that handle hardware and software maintenance and/or consulting, which undertake to refrain from disclosing confidential and/or private information of any nature.
  4. Consent to provide the data is necessary to fulfill contractual, accounting and tax obligations. The owner notes that failure to communicate or erroneous communication of the mandatory information, has the following consequences:
    • the inability of the owner to ensure continuity in data processing at the contractual agreements for which it was executed;
    • potential mismatch in the results of the processing to the obligations set forth by the tax or administrative provisions to which it is addressed.
  5. The data will be retained for the duration required by statutory and tax legislation.
  6. In relation to the data processing, you are entitled to exercise the rights set forth under
    Article 7 of Italian Leg. Decree 196/2003, which include specifically: the right to confirm the existence of personal data; information on their origin; the purposes, methods, and logic of processing; information about the owner, the manager and third parties to which the information is communicated; the right to make updates, adjustments, or supplements to the data, delete it or transform it into an anonymous form or block any data processed in violation of the law; oppose processing of the data for legitimate reasons or processing done for the purpose of commercial information, mailing advertising material, direct sales, market research or commercial communication.
  7. The owner of the processing is XDESIGN Srls, with registered office in Viale Opita Oppio, 28 - Rome. The person in charge of the processing is Mr. Massimo Mariotti.

Note that, without prejudice to the matters set forth in Article 24 of Italian Leg. Decree 196/03 (cases in which processing may be done without consent), in accordance with Article 23, your data may only be processed with your express consent (but not necessarily written consent, since we do not process confidential information). Therefore, please notify us if you oppose processing, in the absence of which, consent will be considered tacitly given.